Digital Image Resources…

Here is a selection of links to high quality digital image resources in their various forms of media available.


Web comics

Amazing Super PowersCOMICcat
Random funniness..
Penny Arcade (contains adult language)
A great comic series by 2 artists who’s characters are their alter-egos.  These comics centre around the gaming industry and it’s developments.  Often, the comics are a satire targeting aspects the industry or epitomizing gamers in some amusing way.  For more information, there’s a great description of the characters in Wikipedia..
SMBC Comics
Hilarious single-pic punch lines or once you read the bottom translation text (sometimes reinforced by the bottom text for double impact)!
Misery Loves Sherman

“A shy and sometimes snarky kid who lives in two worlds. the outside world where he gets beat up (especially by his sister, Fran) and is tortured daily by his parents, teacher, classmates and, especially, his sister. In his room, however, two aliens live with him and provide a whole different world of adventure, excitement and chaos.”
Telltale Games
Dank: The Caveman Inventor and Sam & Max.

I love the Dank/Dunk cartoon, it has a neat twist I haven’t seen in other online comics: animated roll-over images so when you hover your cursor over some panels after reading, they may have additional animated content to add a new dimension to reading the comic strips!

SinFest (contains adult language)
Dark humour with religious and/or political elements
TNP (The Noir Project)
Noir (dark/shadowy genre) being the underlying theme of this collection group of comics from different artists
Big Head Press (Odysseus The Rebel is one example)
A whole lot of different comic strips written by various talented artists (some, by the same).  These are stories – not humour.  Odysseus The Rebel is an interesting read.

I saw 6 other comic stories that were complete.

Awkward Zombie
A hilarious and well animated comic strip involving RPG-style characters in what appear to be scenarios that epitomize and make fun of what the gaming genre is all about..
PHD (Piled Higher & Deeper)
Life (or the lack thereof) in Academia..
Surely you know of this?
CAD Comic (Ctrl-Alt-Del)
Another good comic strip with a gaming theme.
Irregular Web Comic
Set using real props eg. Lego figurines etc. in themes such as Mythbusters, Star Wars, Pirates & Harry Potter – Quite ingenious..
More random funniness..



HD Wallpapers
Dragon Minded – Backgrounds
Dragon Minded – Cities


Digital Art

Amazing, Interesting, Funny and Beautiful Digital Images


High Quality Icons


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