smalltintinThis is a site dedicated to the exchange of information and ideas. The aim is to provide a sort of index for all kinds of popular information – a sort of link database. Being the sort of site this is (a weblog) people can post responses to the submitted information and add their own submissions as well.

This approach was inspired by my need to have a tool for any task that I might be likely to perform in the realm of computing. Of course, as PC platforms and technologies change, so too does the need to update one’s venerable collection of tools. The aim is to have a perpetual input in response to this pace of change in windows computing.

This desire for tools however, is accompanied by the broader desire for other information in the form of media (music, books & docos) and general information. Let’s hope that this information adds to the ‘personality’ of the site to make it a more enjoyable place to visit.


Contact Email: Dominicawood46@gmail.com

Jan/15/09: Follow-up..

Hi, this is just a brief update to say that, it is important to note most of what you read here is my original take on a given topic and anything quoted will be encompassed with quotation marks to indicate that it is quoted.  Also, I would like to point out that I am aware of /many/ other tools that have been touted as being one-stop wonders, BUT.. I am trying to include tools and other items that are less frequently mentioned – things that I don’t see on the many other tools sites that I have visited.  I really don’t want this to be just another site.  Having said this, I have to include within the ‘Graduate’ section of my site, any tools that are highly regarded.   What I will do is place the ones that have been reviewed to death by many a site in the intuitively named ‘Graduate: Software We All Know’ category.  So, if you value more highly the unique tools and other categories that I and others submit (or want to filter through the bulk) look at my ‘Graduate: Software (Free or Paid)’ category.

PS – Don’t forget to consider your own experience as useful to this site – submit your favourites!

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