Essential Software: Network Activity Lights

Sometimes it is nice to know what your network status lights are doing – and not everyone has a switch etc. sitting on their desk and it’s a pain peering around the back of a computer.  So, Network Lights is a tool that gives you the convenience of being able to more easily see your network activity lights, by placing them directly in front of you, using the keyboard’s LEDs.  The network Receive and Send activity is indicated by the Number Lock and Scroll Lock LEDs. 

With the Network Lights software no installation is required – just run and click on the new icon that appears in the system tray, to change settings.  You can set Network Lights to load upon start-up by ticking Load at Windows Startup, and set the flicker rate of the send and receive LEDs(in ms).  Network Lights also keeps track of certain network statistics for the current Windows user session. 

Version at the time of writing: 1.1

Download this essential software here:
Network Lights


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  1. Nice looking website, but no updates in 2 years time? What a pity.

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