Essential Software: Unknown File Types

Have you ever downloaded files that you can’t open and suspect that they may have had the extension renamed?  It can be a frustrating exercise trying to track sown the right program from which to open the file in question.


File Analysis via TrIDNet

TrIDNet is a GUI based tool that provides a simple user interface allowing the user to select a file to be analysed and upon analysis of the file’s type, will present the user with the matching format – or a list of possible formats based on percentage of likelihood in a timely fashion. 

To use TrIDNet, simply download and extract both the program and definition files to the same folder and run TrIDNet.exe – there’s no installation required.  Upon running TrIDNet, it will automatically check the definitions file (TrIDDefList.TRS) for file type definition information.  When you browse for a file to use and select it, the file is automatically analysed.  If you change the path, you can then use the Analyse! button.  Double clicking on the result’s extension will give you more information about that file type.  

TrID is a CLI (command line interface) version of the tool and supports the use of wild cards for a much more efficient method of file type discovery when dealing with files in bulk eg. after data recovery.  There’s even a program called TrIDScan that allows one the ability to create new XML definitions for use with TrID.

An online service version of TrID can be found here

Version at the time of writing: 1.8
Supports: Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/Vista

You can download this essential software here:


2 Responses to “Essential Software: Unknown File Types”

  1. Oh, this looks like a great piece of software! I don’t know how many times I have found a file extension that I was clueless as what program to use to open the file.

  2. nice outil and nice blog thx for all information and poste i like you blog 🙂

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