Essential Software: Vista x64 TWAIN Drivers

I am currently running the 64-bit edition of Windows Vista Home Premium, and for the most part it has been a trouble-free operating system.. But, when it comes to the compatibility of certain programs and the support of older devices, there is no surprise that one will run into trouble sooner or later.  My personal troubles with applications have normally been resolvable, however, I have had a difficult time locating TWAIN (special imaging driver) drivers for my Canon Canoscan FB 630u scanner.  I have found a solution to the problem though..

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It comes in the form of an application that installs a special driver that only it uses to access your device – with one small (depending on how you look at it) limitation..  The freeware version will insert a sparse tiling of watermarks in the form of dollar signs ($) into your image upon saving.  For the price of the standard edition, it is a bargain to upgrade and remove this hindrance – last look, it was $39.95.


Compatibility, efficiency and quality scanning

VueScan from Hamrick Software is the culmination of more than 10 years of work and not only provides access to over 1200 scanning devices, but will also improve the image quality of your scans.  Features include batch scanning by using the Auto-repeat feature and setting the delay value to give yourself time to replace the image source with another, output as PDF (or multi-page PDF) and the ‘Text’ option for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which can be complemented by the ability to output as .tiff (or multi-page .tiff) for OCR processing later on. 

If you are interested in whether or not VueScan supports your scanner, follow this link: Compatibility List

Version at the time of writing: 8.5.12
Operating system support:

Here is the URL to this essential software:

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