Essential Software: Zip File Repair

Quite a while back, I had a whole lot of data to transfer to DVD-R media.  Upon failure of each disc write verification (something that is important to do) in the Nero disc burning application, I realised that it must be an issue with a low quality medium or perhaps a brand incompatibility (requiring a firmware update of my burner).  Anyway, later on I came across a neat program, allowing the repair of damaged .zip archives and found that I still had one of the poorly written DVD-R’s lying around, so I decided to test out a damaged archive from the disc..



Wizard interface simplifies recovery process

With Disk Internal’s free Zip Repair program, you are presented with a recovery process wizard and, it is a simple case of selecting a source archive and a destination (if you are not happy automatic path created to match your source).  Upon clicking Next, Zip Repair automatically scans through the zip archive and lists the files, showing the status of each one.  Clicking Next again will trigger the actual recovery process, where both repaired and partially damaged files will be extracted from the old archive and zipped up in a newly generated one.  And that’s it!


I tried my damaged archive out as the source archive, following the wizard through to completion and was happy to find that it repaired the whole archive!

I have to say that the first time I ran this program, I was concerned about that it wouldn’t recover the archive because of some incompatibility with my archive perhaps being an unsupported version, but it performed admirably.

Version at the time of writing: 1.0
Supports: Windows 9x/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista

To download this essential software, click here:
Zip Repair


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