Essential Software: Copy When It Says You Can’t

I have already written about the YCopy tool which allows one to copy files en masse without the process cutting out at a given point if a file read error is encountered.  Here is another tool that offers the same convenience, but with data recovery options and more..

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The power of scripting

With Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier, you have the power to perform multiple copy operations to multiple destinations by configuring batch files under the program’s Batch Mode tab and saving them as UCB files which can later be executed via command line and will exit silently upon completion.   The Add and Remove buttons are used to individually add or remove the multiple instances of source and destination lines from the batch file that you have currently open. 

Under the Copy tab, you can use wildcards to be more specific about which files you wish to copy to the destination ie; the ‘?’ wildcard is used to substitute any single character eg: log_?.txt would do any .txt file that had the name log_ and any single character after that eg: log_2.txt, whereas the ‘*’ (asterisk) wildcard is used to represent multiple occurrences of any character at the wildcard’s position eg: *.txt could be 123.log.  You can also drag single files, or folders with multiple subdirectories into the Copy tab’s file/folder list to speed up the process – if you can’t be bothered typing in the entire path. 

A few other useful abilities include the ‘Move Files’ checkbox option under the Settings tab to move files instead of copying them, the ‘Undamaged Files First’ checkbox, which will attempt processing all the easy files first, and of course the ‘Auto-skip Damaged Files’ checkbox.

Other Features Include:

  • Adjustable intensity of data recovery
  • Keep file ownership, attributes and time/date
  • Set maximum number of retries of damaged files
  • Multi-language support

Version at time of writing: 3.56
Supports: Windows 9x/Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista

Here is the URL to this essential software:
Unstoppable Copier


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