Essential Software: EaseUs Partition Master

I know that Vista offers the ability resize partitions either by shrinking or extending, but to extend the basic disk’s partition, the partition must either be NTFS or raw (unformatted) and there must be contiguous space to expand into..

It is an all too common thing not to plan for these little idiosyncrasies of different version operating systems.  It is nice to be able to get some control back with a 3rd party partitioning program – that’s free!


A Free alternative to Partition Magic

With Partition Master Home Edition you can copy whole disks & partitions, create, move, resize, hide, delete and convert partitions.  The user interface is very intuitive and most of the functions are self explanatory to operate.  The program uses a system of virtual operations that come into effect when you apply them.  The operations are listed in the left column “operations pending”.  You can choose to apply these operations or undo them, step by step.

During the partition copy process, you are able to resize the source partition in order to fit the target partition.  For the copy process, not only sector-by-sector copy but also file-by-file copy is supported.  The file-by-file copy method is much faster than sector-by-sector copying because it only copies the files.  Partition Master will select sector-by-sector copy automatically if you have a problem with the file system you wish to copy, so that the files under the problematic file system are correctly backed up because the sector-by-sector copy method is oblivious to file system issues.

Note: When formatting, if you find that you have lost data you needed, you may be able to retrieve it using the Unformat tool provided on the developer’s website here:

Other features include:

  • Works with H/W Raid
  • 1.5 TB disk size support

Other versions include:

  • Professional Edition for business desktop users
  • Server Edition for server users
  • Unlimited Edition for large enterprise and organization.

Version at the time of writing: 3.5 (Home Edition)
Supports: Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32 bit)

Here is the URL for this essential software:
Partition Master – Home Edition


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