Essential Software: Transfer Media From iPods

I am only speaking from personal experience, but this seems to be a recurring thing: a friend has an iPod with tracks (video, music etc.) on it that I like, I want to transfer some of the media to my PC but the iTunes media management software will only allow me to see (or manually manage) but not copy these to my PC.  You can copy the iPod_Control folder from the iPod (after enabling disk usage), but that isn’t the best or efficient way and certain information isn’t retained…


The funny thing is that any time I wanted a program to perform the simple task of just transferring tracks from iPod to PC, I would look for a standalone program as opposed to a plug-in, which would inevitably lead me to sites with trial/shareware software.  Don’t underestimate the power of plug-ins!  An example of an application with a large selection of great plug-ins is the FireFox web browser (see my Prefbar article).  Anyway, the solution to this problem can be found via a program that everyone knows about and I used to use prior to iTunes… Winamp!


Yes, I guess I would get laughed at for including Winamp on my site because everyone knows about it, but it has very useful plug-ins for portable devices, including iPod. 

(click to enlarge)

As you can see by clicking on the image above to enlarge, the procedure of transferring iPod tracks is very simple to perform.  By right-clicking on either individual tracks or a playlist of tracks and selecting ‘Copy <whichever> to Local Media’, your music will wind up in your Windows user profile music folder. 

Note: For those who are fortunate enough to own an iPhone or iTouch; the ml_iPod plug-in provides the support required (I haven’t tested it, so I don’t know if it works with the latest version of Winamp). 

Important: For iTouch and iPhone support with the ml_iPod plug-in, you are required to have iTunes already installed – don’t run the two at the same time though, as that can lead to problems.  Also, here is a quote from the site concerning version 3.08 of the plug-in: This is not yet compatible to iTunes, so don’t try it if you still want to use iTunes for your device!!!

Version of Winamp at the time of writing: 5.5.51
Version of ml_ipod plug-in at the time of writing: 3.08

Here is the URL:


4 Responses to “Essential Software: Transfer Media From iPods”

  1. I’ve never used this app before, but I’m hearing a lot of chatter about Senuti for the MAC OS to perform this task. Also there’s another program called, senuti IPod Rip for the PC… I know these aren’t plugins, but thought I would put this out here as an alternative….

  2. Hi David,
    Thanks for the input. I’ll have a look at those sometime :^)



  3. thanks you friend for the information nice blog good look 😉

  4. Thanks for the info. I will try this when I get my I-touch this month. Nice looking blog there too..

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