Essential Software: Start-up Delayer

This essential piece of software fits the bill for almost any Windows PC user out there.  Anyone that has performed a fresh install of Windows, loves the responsiveness they have, especially in stark contrast to the likely prior system state.  Even with the knowledge of how to keep your registry and hard disk data contiguously arranged and clutter-free, it is human nature to neglect this mundane task.  As time passes, you often wind up with more and more start-up items that simultaneously compete for system resources, making for a crawling system start-up.

Here is a stop-gap measure if you need to have all the start-up items running at some point or another..


Start-Up Delayer Imposes Start-Up Item Control

With start-up Delayer, it is a simple case of dragging the desired application from the program list into the rectangular box (Time Graph) below it, and maybe subsequently moving it around to get the time delay for it just right.  Alternatively, you can be more specific by right-clicking ‘Edit’ on the application in question:


In order to make use of the program settings you have imposed for the next system start-up, you need to select one of 2 modes of activation by clicking the SD activation button on the program’s tool bar: you’ll be prompted to select; GUI (which shows you the loading progress of Start-up Delay) and Hidden (for a more discreet startup).  Also, you can classify/colour code the start-up programs by right-clicking the respective program in the list and selecting ‘Classify as…’ – once classified they assume a different colour eg. red for malware.

Other Features Include:

  • The ability to auto-space each application in the time frame by specifying a time frame for all applications – handy!
  • Filtration of programs based on user account
  • 2 modes of program list view: Safe mode (hides system processes and prevents deletion of any processes) and Advanced mode (allowances)
  • Multi-language support

Note: you could use Process QuickLink mentioned in a recent article of mine as a convenient means of researching information on each process to better help with the classification of the start-up programs and maybe also enter a more appropriate label for the program under it’s ‘Edit’ menu. 

Version at the time of writing: 2.5b134
Supports: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/XP64/Vista

Here is the URL for this essential software:
Start-up Delayer


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  1. Sounds like a good program.

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