Essential Software: Data Recovery

A while back, I wrote an article on a data recovery utility known as FreeUndelete.  There was one lacking feature (that you would normally pay for in other software) at the time: the ability to bypass the file-system to access data from maybe a previous partition or partition with damaged formatting. 


Disk Digger Digs Deeper

Run from a single executable, Disk Digger requires no installation and stores no settings.  Prior to the scan Disk Digger allows you to filter out the files you don’t want included in a checklist.  During scan the program ignores the file-system and examines the disk on a per-sector basis. 


As you can see from the image above, there is the option to save the selected item to be recovered.  The program runs entirely in memory, thus reducing the risk of any lost data being overwritten on your HDD.

Features include:

  • Many media type (video, music, image & document) files supported
  • On-the-fly file preview ie; while Disk Digger continues to scan
  • Multiple media type support eg; HDD, USB flash memory, memory cards (anything that your PC can access to read)
  • Recovery of file fragments in some files


Note: This software is also under frequent revision.  Also with the version at the time of writing, files that are fragmented will only have their first fragment of data read. 

Version at the time of writing: 0.6.3
Supports: Up to Vista 64-bit

Here is the URL to this essential software:
Disk Digger


5 Responses to “Essential Software: Data Recovery”

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  3. Hello,

    Nice written by you about data recovery. You doing very nice job. Keep it up.

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