Essential Software: RadarSync

Recently, I wrote an article on the essential software; Driver Magician (which includes the Lite Edition).  The Lite Edition of Driver Magician allows you to backup detected drivers – the full version allows you to also update your drivers. 

Update of Drivers and Software

Well, this article is an update in light of recent findings, for I have come across a FREE driver update software/service combination that is the culmination of seven years experience with drivers by the company; RadarSync Ltd. 

(Click to enlarge)

Amazingly, the service doesn’t stop there; it also supports the updating of many well known software products, such as Picasa, SpyBot S&D, 7Zip, FireFox and many more! 

The updating process of your drivers and software is simple – certainly relative to the more decentralised case of performing the task on each individual item normally!  You simply scan your system via the RadarSync client software which in turn finds your existing installations and then contacts the RadarSync online driver database for the latest version of your software.  You are presented with a list of software/driver items with checkboxes next to each. 

I performed a scan of my system here:image
(Click to enlarge) As you can see, my system is in need of updating!

The software/driver database that services the RadarSync software, is dynamically updated daily, based on specially developed technology – this is in contrast to other sites that are static (relying on human input). 

Restore point creation can be configured from the software too, in case you need to undo a problematic driver/software update. 

One final excellent feature included in the free version is the Packzoola pack service that allows you to customize your own driver and/or software package for download and re-download.

A well presented web service

When you visit the site, there is a scrolling marquee of icons cheerfully depicting examples of software included for update support. On the right-hand side of the homepage is a list of commonly downloaded drivers and software updates for convenience. 

Note: you can also browse the site for drivers or software – each section is well laid out (there is a section just for Vista drivers). 

The full version of the software has some even better features:

  • Automatic update (as well as reminders) of your device drivers and software
  • VIP help desk support
  • Also, it is Ad-Free

Version at the time of writing:
Supports: Windows 2000, XP and Vista

Here is the URL:


3 Responses to “Essential Software: RadarSync”

  1. thanks — i am VERY impressed by this excellent software. Great review, too!

  2. It’s free or trial?

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