Essential Software: Back-up Mail Profiles, etc.

The essential software KLS Mail Backup from KLS Soft, is a personal favourite for me.  Although this indispensable tool’s name indicates that it allows you to back up mail, it gives you the ability to do so much more..


  • Backup:
    Windows Mail profile and Windows Contacts
    Windows Live Mail profile, Windows Live Contacts and Windows Live Messenger Files
    Outlook Express profiles and Windows Address Book
    Internet Explorer Favourites and Internet Accounts
    Mozilla, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird and Firefox profiles
  • Backup to: local and network drives
  • Standard ZIP compression
  • Full backup mode
  • Flexible restore options

When you first run KLS Mail Backup, you are prompted to set up your profile by selecting the items you are interested in backing up (those shown in the list above).  Then you are presented with a profile properties screen, allowing you to further configure settings under Target (for backup destination), Mode, Compression and Log and Options you need to.


Backup and restore operations are a real breeze to perform making the whole task of backing up potentially so many items a lot less daunting.

Version at the time of writing:
Supports: Windows 2000/XP/Vista 32/64-bit (all editions)

Here is the URL:
KLS Mail Backup


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