Essential Software: Text Image Generator

Here is a tool that would come in handy for a web or even software developer.

Text Image Generator, developed by Brad Huggins and made available from the CodePlex open source project community hosted by Microsoft, would be useful for generating simple, but effective button or banner images for your web pages or software.  It outputs text as an image.  Text Image Generator makes use of the fonts installed on your system.  As you can see, it allows you to select patterns not only for the background, but also for the font itself.  There is a pretty comprehensive selection of patterns categorized into three main types: Solid colour, Gradient and Hatch – which has many variants (checker, plaid & zig-zag to name a few).


You can output the text in the following image formats: BMP, JPEG and PNG – there is planned support for GIF (incl transparency) in the subsequent version.

Version at the time of writing: 1.0
Supports: XP, 2003, Vista, and requires Net 2.0 Framework

Here is the URL:
Text Image Generator

Also, try these banner generation services out for yourself: – this one has a great selection of fonts.

– Awesome selection of graffiti fonts and many others!


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