Essential Software: CD Throttle

CD Throttle (known as CD Bremse) is a tool I used years ago, before I had an original of Nero Essentials (which includes the Drive Speed tool).  As you have probably guessed by the name, CD Throttle does just that to the speed of the CD drive in question.  This is useful if you are having issues with a noisy drive, when spinning the disc up.  Sometimes this can just be the media itself ie: thin CDs tend to resonate loudly.  CD Throttle allows you to set the speed of the respective media type ie; CD/DVD (no Blue Ray, though apparently).

CD Throttle can be set to detect media change and lock the currently selected drive speed for the selected CD drive.  The standby and idle timers are useful for if you wish a certain amount of time to pass before the CD drive slows down or halts (goes on standby).


The installation is in German, but the setup is intuitive enough to click through!  Thankfully, the program itself is in English – so that’s the main thing.  Being the shareware version, there are a couple of limitations, though only minor ones: you can’t start CD Throttle automatically to stay active, or TSR (terminate and stay resident) also individual settings for individual CDs are not retained.

Supports: Win9x, NT, 2K, 2003, XP, Vista.

Here is the URL for the translated web page:
CD Throttle


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