Essential Software: G-Hotkey

For all those gamers out there, here is a handy little tool that makes those multiple key combo situations a lot easier.  A macro is a type of routine that maps a certain input sequence to a certain output sequence. 

I am going to use F.E.A.R: Combat/Multiplayer to demonstrate the power of this utility, as this is a game that I enjoy playing online from time to time.  F.E.A.R is an FPS (first person shooter, ie from the perspective of the human field of vision).

Macro examples 

How about a quick way to enter chat for team radio?
For this, you would enter the following keys into a macro field in G-Hotkey and assign that sequence a hotkey (in my case, ‘1’):

‘v’ (default team radio key)
3: Information
1: Enemy Sighted!

This will save the hassle of pressing ‘v’ and making two decisions on which chat option to give.  See Macro 1 in the image below..

Or, maybe a binding a key to a common chat line:

lol(Laugh out loud), n1(nice one), omg(Oh, my God), nade!(grenade) etc.  For lol, you would enter ‘t’ (to trigger the talk command for F.E.A.R) and the text lol, followed by a special character (CR short for carriage return) which can be selected from the ‘Special’ drop-down menu.  See Macro 2 in the image below..


Here’s one I personally like: The Dual AT-14 Pistols are a real ‘click-fest’ of an affair to try and get as many shots into the opponent as you can, right?  Well, one very nice aspect of G-Hotkey is the ability to set up a macro that can be repeated x number of times at a specified time interval in milliseconds (for the Macros+ section).  This way, you can be sure that you are firing as fast as you can (within the restrictions of the game, of course!).  This saves you hammering to the left-mouse button to death and gives you more room to concentrate on aiming.  This can be assigned a hot key in G-Hotkey (like the ‘f’ key, which is conveniently next to WASD*) and you can tick the rapid-fire checkbox and specify the number of milliseconds to pass between repeat mouse-clicks – see below in the Macro 5 field box.  When you activate the macro, just focus on training the pistols on the opponent while dodging!  When you want to suppress the macro, you just hit the macro toggle key/another macro key. 

*WASD is the common arrangement of keys assigned to the movement of the player in FPS games.  These are chosen for their convenience for the left hand and they match nicely with where the tips of the left hand’s fingers rest. 

G-Hotkey 2

Having the flash light turning on and off constantly (say, every 125 ms), while in the middle of a fight is a way to disconcert the enemy.  Also, you can insert delays within macros.  For example, you could have a UA style (unarmed) attack sequence with a delay (a wait specified in sec/ms) before executing a second macro to throw a grenade (‘g’).    You get the idea!  G-Hotkey is a powerful tool when you realise its’ potential uses.

To use G-Hotkey with a certain game you’ll need to set up a profile for the game.  This is very straight forward, so I’ll just show you these screen shots to give you an idea of what it looks like:

 G-Hotkey 4 G-Hotkey

Some of the other features:

  • You can set G-Hotkey to auto-save games for you.
  • The program supports ‘daisy chaining’ of macros.  This means that a macro could refer to the hotkey of another macro to run as a last task inside itself.
  • In the Macros+ section of G-Hotkey, you can set a time range in which to execute a macro, ie a random point.
  • The process priority for G-Hotkey can be set to either normal or high.  There is low resource overhead with G-Hotkey running in the background.
  • You can have up to 10 macro profiles per game, which you can switch between using a hotkey then alt+[number assigned to the end of the profile name].  This saves you exiting the game just to start a new macro for the game.

This particular version is a demo – You can run it for 45 minutes, after which time it will disable itself and you will have to restart it.

Version at the time of writing: 3.5
Size: 1.09MB
Supports: Windows, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista

Here is the URL:


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