Essential Software: Shadow Copy

Ever wondered how you could actually copy or move ‘unmovable files’?  It can be pretty inconvenient if you need access to something then and there, and don’t have time to muck around working out which process or service is using that file etc.   Shadow Copy allows the user to make use of the VSS (volume-shadowing service) that Microsoft includes in it’s newer operating systems.  With this technology the program can even allow you to copy the entire \windows directory to another drive.  You could back it up or boot from that installation (if you activated the partition/volume and set a new disk ID).
Shadow Copy
Volume Shadow also supports execution from the command prompt or Task Scheduler, so it can be used in batch operations.  It can be set to ignore copy errors, copy subdirectories, overwrite files or existing files etc from the command prompt.

Version at the time of writing:
Supports Windows XP, 2003 and Vista

Here is the URL:
Shadow Copy


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  2. good list of softwares.. good layout… keep good works coming up…

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