Essential Software: ArchView

Here’s a tool that you’ve probably wanted but never had when you’ve needed it.  I know… I know!  You probably don’t need it right now, but every so often you’ll come across an archive and wish that you knew exactly what was in it – especially if you have already downloaded a similarly named (and sized) archive, only to discover that it’s contents didn’t live up to the name.

What you need is a tool that lets you preview the archive.  ArchView is that tool.  With ArchView, you can choose between either zip, rar, ISO (CD image format) and best of all, this tool allows you to select individual files within the archive to download – potentially saving you having to download a relatively large archive instead of the individual file(s) required.


ArchView is a FireFox add-on and as such is conveniently integrated into the browser window – I hope this isn’t an inconvenience for those who use IE.  All I can say is, the move to FireFox is a easy enough transition to make – I used IE for years right up until recently.  The add-on is activated when you select the archive to download.

I hear that it may eventually support the Seven Zip format (7z), too.

Version at the time of writing: 0.7.1
Supports FireFox versions 2.0 & 3.0

Here is the URL:

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