At Last We Have A Forum!

I am quite pleased with this forum service.  I think that it really improves on the layout that I tried to achieve on this blog, not that I am not happy with blog menu system – it’s just that I have always liked the flexibility of forums and I think that it compliments my site.

  • You will notice that there are no ads in this forum and as a result, it has quite a clean layout
  • This is a place to engage in discussion and post all your submissions contributing to an even better list of software and tools on this site.
  • Only members of the forum have the right to submit their information.
  • You can make comments on my blog concerning the submissions and voting or, you can also do this in my forum.  Whatever passes as a graduate (based on consensus, or my judgment) regardless of where it was first submitted, will be made available in either location (blog or forum) – you will be given credit for making the contribution.
  • General discussion in the forum stays in the forum.
  • For creation of your own topics and general discussion, the forum is the place to be..

The forum is still in the process of having content added, but I feel that it is now in a state where it is acceptable to the public that I should make it available.

Become a member!

E2E Forum


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