Notice: A Forum for this site..

Hello there,

This is a quick notice to all those familiar or passing through:

Ether to Essentials is about to include a forum membership system which should separate the general discussion and premium content from the more basic topics.  I still want content on the front blog page, but a lot of this will only be available to site members.  The premium content will just have a preview on the blogs’ front page.

Don’t worry, this system will be FREE of charge (and so it should be).  I hope it will add to the value of the site.  To be honest, it is partly also to boost the traffic of this young site in encouraging a more regular user base (in addition to my RSS feed).  My traffic seems to be increasing quite rapidly,  but it is early days yet.  I am encouraged by the user reviews of other sites and look forward to contributing more useful information to the web community.

[Update] Just typing to say I am nearly there. I’ve been taking my time to carefully set things up how I like them. I’ve also been testing things out.

Kind regards



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