LogonUI.exe error: Concerning MSIMG32.dll

Ok, in this inaugural post for the Useful Tips section, I thought I’d type this out because it is a problem I just encountered with a notebook, running Vista Home Basic – which, by the way didn’t have an installation CD for Vista (just a recovery image).  I really didn’t want to take the extreme approach of using the Toshiba restore option, which would mean losing all my personal data.
The notebook came with a restore image on another partition – that was Toshiba’s version of “comes with Windows Vista Basic”.

Those who have run into the LogonUI.exe problem will know that they cannot do anything within the OS to rectify it, because they can’t login, as there is no Log-In GUI (Graphical User Interface) – just a blank screen with the cursor showing.

What you need to do is restart the system and hit F8 before Windows loads to bring up the Advanced Start-Up Menu and select the Restore option.  From there, select the DOS prompt and type the line:

cd c:\windows\system32 and hit enter.  This path is the default one, so adjust yours to suit the drive and folder name that you installed windows under.

Type c: and hit enter again

Next, type: rename msimg32.dll msimg32.bak

Trying without the step just mentioned resulted in failure.  I had to force the system to place a new dll in the \System32 directory.  Close the prompt window/select the menu again and choose the Restore Points option.  Once there, choose the last automatically generated System Protection Restore Point and go from there.

Needless to say, there is something to be said for not disabling restore points – I know we’ve all been there before (well, most).

Also, I have heard that this problem can be caused by a virus injecting itself into the dll..

I hope this was helpful to you.. 

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