Essential Software: DOSBox

Do you yearn to relive the ‘old days’ of gaming?  Do you feel nostalgia when recalling classics like Rick Dangerous, Dangerous Dave, Catacomb, Zeliard etc?  Ever tried playing those games in newer operating systems (XP & Vista) only to find they don’t run or the sound card isn’t compatible? 

Well, with the DOSBox, DOS emulator, you have the ability to mount the path for the DOS program files you wish to use, as a new drive letter (ie: one not in use), using the mount command at the prompt, inside the DOSBox emulator:

eg: mount x: c:\DOS Directory


Obviously, other programs besides games will run, but this DOSBox represents an effort to optimise compatibility with games, so things like printer, network communications etc, aren’t so trouble-free.

The DOSBox site is very informative, with a huge alphabetically arranged compatibility list, showing every DOS game that is supported with a meter next to each item showing the degree of compatibility that it exhibits.

There is a tools section on the site containing a number of different ‘Front Ends’ that work with DOSBox.  One of them, I tried was DOSShell; a nifty explorer style GUI for managing DOS programs for DOSBox.  It was pretty easy to set up. 


By the way, if you are looking for DOS games to download, a large listing can be found here:

..I had fun playing the old ’94 game: Raptor: Call Of The Shadows.

Here is the URL for DOSBox:


Here is a great free web site traffic booster:


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