News Aggregator: PopURLs

This is quite a comprehensive news aggregator site with a large number of sites and services with their latest info listed. A great place for researching what’s hot!

PopURLs lists the top ~10 hot topics and media from sites and services which are news based and these are expandable to more. The site has been arranged by default in this order:

Popular Today (PopURL’s own)
Delicious, Digg, Reddit
Flickr, Epsonality
Yahoo Buzz, MetaFilter, TrueRumours
GoogleNews, Newsvine, NY Times
Wired, Slash Dot, Boing Boing
MSN Video
Fark, Now Public, Huffington Post
MixX, ClipMarks, DZone
NeatoRama, LifeHacker, Magnolia
Yahoo Video
Quickies – Large list of individual sites with expandable items

Site menu system

The site’s customisability includes:

Being able to rearrange content blocks to suit your habits.
You can select large font size and show/hide certain sections.
Browser installable search.
There is an account system: A PopURLS profile and Sharing profile.

Here is the URL:

PopUrls News Aggregator

Here is a great free web site traffic booster:


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