Essential Software: JonDo

Internet Anonymity

Scenarios: You’d like to be able to have Internet anonymity so that the web sites you visit and the ISP you go through are oblivious to your identity and traffic contents respectively.  Maybe web sites are blocking you by filtering your IP address.  You may also be worried that your ISP is throttling your bandwidth because of the type of service/protocol you are using eg. RapidShare or P2P/BitTorrent.   

Developed by JonDos, JAP allows you to connect to the JonDonym network, using the open source JonDo client software to establish an encrypted connection with the first “mix” server of what is termed a “Mix Cascade” on the JonDonym anonymity network.  The JAP service is divided into JonDo (the free service) and JonDonym (the premium service).

How it works – the basics

The beauty of this network technology is that all your data is spliced with everybody else’s (using that particular mix combination) – hence the term “mix”.  Using the JonDo client software, data is encrypted in a layered fashion.  The first encryption is intended for the last mix server, second encryption for the second to last and so on, like with the layers of an onion in a kind of last in first out fashion.  When the very first layer of encryption has been decrypted by the last mix server in the cascade, it is passed on the regular Internet servers.  The security information is cached so as to enable two-way communication back to the client.  No one, not anyone outside the network, other users or operators of the service know which connection belongs to which user.  Unlike the Tor service, you can choose the servers you want for your connection, using the client software to find available servers from the InfoService and you can also see how many users are currently connected through a particular mix server (more users = more likelihood of security) and the traffic level.  Only the mix servers that are authorized will appear.  These are deemed safe and, as long as one of these hasn’t been compromised, then your data is still anonymous.


Protection from the Mix Operator:

The mix servers are operated by “independent and non interrelated organizations or private individuals who all publish their identity. The operators have to abide by strict provisions which prohibit saving connection data or exchanging such data with other operators in a cascade.”

“The mix operators are revaluated regularly concerning seriousness and professionalism. Their identity is made public also.”

“Saving any log files with IP addresses, even for seconds, is forbidden to the mix operators by contract. The same holds true for the actual contents of the data. Exceptions caused by national laws are marked clearly.”


Other benefits

“Strong encryption and authentication: Nobody can read the traffic between your PC and the JonDonym service. (Encrypted with RSA 2048 and AES 128; signed with DSA, RSA or ECDSA; realized with the BouncyCaslte and OpenSSL libraries).”

The overhead on traffic speed is not terrible because symmetric encryption is used for the main data packet and asymmetric on the private key (much faster than performing the asymmetric encryption on the whole packet).

The software is open source and therefore part of a community effort to improve it and of course, it is free of charge.
“There is a portable version of the JonDo client software that can be installed with the PortableApps suite.”


Enhanced Internet Browser Profile For Firefox

JonDoFox is a Firefox browser profile particularly optimised for anonymous surfing over JonDonym.  By running the JonDo client first, and clicking the convenient Fire Fox button within the client, you can subsequently start your browser with it’s secure profile. 
– JonDoFox is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Taking the first steps to becoming a “JonDonaut”


Follow the steps outlined here: Download Necessary Files to be on your way to better anonymity when using the web.  And at the end of setup, you can test whether you are indeed anonymous to the web server in question by clicking here:

Anonymity Test

Here is a useful section on browser security, which may encourage you to use JonDoFox:

WWW Privacy

Premium Service

The premium service JonDonym (name derived from John Doe & anonymous) offers support for almost all Internet application – those that can run through an HTTP Proxy.  It also offers better security with larger mix combinations and speeds of at least 100Kb/s.  Check it out here:

Premium Service Page


There are certain ways that the service’s security could be compromised, however I get the impression that this is a very unlikely scenario.  Read here for an overview: Vulnerabilities.


Downloading JonDo client etc.

If you didn’t read this all the way through; here is another download URL:

Download Necessary Files

JonDo client is Java-based, so that means it will run on most client  operating systems – Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

I hope that this article was straight forward and informative.  I may do a follow-up on proxy security at a later date.

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  4. I didn’t see a date on this original blog post, so this might be old news by now…

    I finally decided to install JAP and JonDoFox on my Mac after having the app site on my desktop for 6 months. It took a little trial and error, but the Help was very straightforward and ultimately the install went fine.

    That’s the good news. I definitely like the anonymity and security, but as a Free service, the people at JonDo have got to be kidding. The speed is slower than a 9600 baud modem — no matter what “Free Mix Cascade” you try. Forget trying to do any bulk http downloading. It’s not going to happen. Say you have a 3mbps line; you’ll get d/l speeds of about 6.5k/sec. That’s ridiculous and inexcusable.

    And how about general web surfing with JonDo? I want the anonymity, but if I have to wait 15 minutes for a simple web page to load, or five minutes to download a 200k image, forget it. Let the people on the other end know who I am.

    So, yes, the JonDo package is a sophisticated tool anonymizing and encryption tool, but it’s simply not practical as a free anonymizer solution. Just too, too darn slow. An insult. And calling it “Slow” is paying it a compliment…

  5. internet filtering software…

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