Essential Software: YCopy

Ever performed a big file and folder transfer with a lot directories, only to encounter an error where Windows says that it couldn’t copy a certain file because for example; it couldn’t read from the HDD or the file was in use?  If you have, you’ll also know what a pain it is trying to finish where you left off ie; deep within a directory structure.  If you try to finish copying the last set of folders across, the point at which the process stopped the last time might have been when it was copying files from a folder or even one inside that, so it will still be there to copy (with the few remaining files in it), meaning that you would overwrite the data that you had copied from that folder in the destination (because that folder would be in the destination from last time).  And to make matters worse, you may find that you encounter a second error, and so on..  A long way around that problem is to continue the copy (excluding the folder in question) and manually copy the files last.  This happened to me with a dying HDD.

Fortunately, this annoying scenario can be avoided by using YCopy, a tiny GUI based tool that allows you to perform a large copy and walk away, any errors that are encountered will be logged by the program, and it will continue copying without stalling the process.  Vista offers a similar feature, but pre-Vista users will find this a real time-saver.

Here is the URL:

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2 Responses to “Essential Software: YCopy”

  1. Your site displays incorrectly in Mozilla, but content excellent! Thanks for your wise words.

  2. […] Software: Copy When It Says You Can’t I have already written about the YCopy tool which allows one to copy files en masse without the process cutting out at a given point if a […]

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