Sound advice for improving blog traffic, as well as general blogging philosophy.

The Dosh Dosh author Maki offers the best advice I have seen concerning the art of weblogging. One thing that is apparent, is the absence of hype and anecdotal writing style. The bulk of the sites’ content focuses on online marketing. The content of the articles is rich with common sense and easy to understand, whilst being comprehensive.

The quantity of content is coupled with no-compromise quality. There are so many useful articles on the various angles of honing one’s blog exposure that this is certain to have something for every entrepreneur.

While I am going to do a write-up on my culmination of experience with weblogging, I do think that it would pale in comparison.

Particularly useful (and as a starting point for me): Six powerful blog strategies. With this as a starting point, you can gain convenient access to other excellent articles on the subject by looking under “Related Posts” at the bottom of the article.
A nice intro to affiliate blogging can be found here: Affiliate Blogging and The Art of Slow Cooking. Once again, “Related Posts” is useful..

The over-whelming number of reply posts on this site reciprocate positivity.

Here is a great free web site traffic booster:


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