3D Buzz – Programming Tutorials

Ok, for me this site is a wonderful find.  It is one thing to be self-taught, but learning and doing by yourself is a lonely climb up the ladder and even though I have proven to myself that I am a competent programmer, I like to be able to associate with contemporaries.  I really feel like I am being included in the discussion of these lively tutorials.  This library of videos is well presented, informative and great for beginners and more advanced programmers.  The Delphi section that I looked at (that being my area of interest) was broken into topics that cover things such as variables, subroutines, conditional statements, looping and DLL linking etc, whilst incorporating real-world programming examples (eg. an MP3 player) into these topics.  These videos have real length to them, most seem to be over an hour (one was about 2.5 hrs).

Sections include Delphi, C++, C#/XNA, Python, and 3D/Multimedia Apps such as Houdini, 3DSMax and Maya and Photoshop and they even have some math tutorials!

By the way, 3DBuzz have a YouTube site as well, but of course the YouTube service limits upload sizes, so the video quality there is ok, but not great if you prefer ‘crispness’ for all that source code being viewed in the videos.  Viewing them on the main site is preferable – they say that they supply links to the high quality version videos on their YouTube site, but I couldn’t find the links (I might just be blind).  As a result, I just captured the video using the venerable Debut Video Capture (check out my review here: Debut Video Capture, for more info on this freeware product) program – the video used a specially embedded player that prevented me from downloading their content, using YouTube Downloader etc..

Become a member and join in the discussion on their forum!

Here is the video download section URL:


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