High Definition Wallpapers (Personal favourite)

After really looking for decent .JPEG wallpapers that didn’t have artifacts (eg. pixelation and graininess) because they had be compressed to heavily or stretched too far, for my 1680 x 1050 Widescreen display, this was a site for sore eyes.  There are so many exciting and beautiful wallpapers for desktops in categories including: Cars, Travel, Nature, Abstract, Movies etc.

When you go there, don’t forget to click on the one of the social book mark links at the bottom of their page (under “Recommend our tags”) to refer them so other web users out there can come and take a peak.

Here is the URL:


One Response to “High Definition Wallpapers (Personal favourite)”

  1. Nice Wallpapers.
    Admit or not You Have Nice Nature Wallpapers Collection , I have just googled A Huge nature Wallpaper site http://downloaddesktopwallpapers.com/nature_wallpapers-desktop-wallpapers.html Could be a Bookmark for nature wallpapers lovers like you and me.

    Best Regards

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