Full Free Games: AssaultCube

Just found out about this.. This online/LAN game is similar to counterstrike but with more features.  It also has single player bot death match built in and a map editor.  This game truly is a gem and only ~40MB download (depending on OS).


Readme quote: “AssaultCube is a total conversion of Wouter van Oortmerssen´s FPS called Cube

Game modes:

Team deathmatch (tdm, 0)
Coopedit (coop, 1)
Deathmatch (dm, 2)
Survivor (3)
Team survivor (4
Capture the flag
(ctf, 5)
Pistol frenzy (6)
Bot team deathmatch (7)
Bot deathmatch (8)
Last swiss standing (lss, 9)
One shot, one kill (osok, 10)
Team one shot, one kill (osok, 11)
Bot one shot, one kill (osok, 12)
Hunt the flag (htf, 13)
Team keep the flag (tktf, 14)
Keep the flag (ktf, 15)

Rather than me listing all the great features, this is the developer’s official site:

Multi-platform support: Linux/Unix, Mac OSX and Windows (incl. Vista)

Here is the Download URL:

Here is a great free web site traffic booster:


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