Well, what can I say?  Tool has to be approaching the best thing (if not the best) to happen in rock music.  They are like a vintage wine – every album seems better than the last.  It is a shame that we have to wait ~4 years between new albums (actually, I feel ungrateful for saying that).  The great thing about their music is that it is so dynamic that you can listen to it again and again without getting sick of it.  There are lots of subtle instrumental techniques and while I am no musician, I know what I like, and it seems that the vast majority I talk to, also like tool.

I already had access to Aenema (1996), I purchased the albums:

10,000 Days (2006) – Love the album art!

  • Favourites: Wings Part II, Right In Two, Rossetta Stoned

Lateralus (2001) – possibly my favourite album

  • Favourites: Parabol & Parabola, Lateralus, The Grudge, Reflection and… pretty much, the rest of the album.

Undertow (1993) – fixed a PC for someone and requested this as a gift.

  • Favourites: Undertow, 4 Degrees, Swamp, Bottom

Opiate (1992) – had to see what they sounded like to begin with.

  • Favourites: Sweat, Cold & Ugly (Live)

Also, Salival is a great live album.

Here is an interesting fan site, I came across..
Tool Quarter


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