Essential Software: BitMeter

Scenario: I have a 2 Mb/S wireless Internet plan and what is probably a fairly modest data cap (by other countries’ standards) of 3 Gig.  I get an email from my ISP when I reach 50%, 80% and 100% of my allocation.  That being the case, I wanted a way to know about my data consumption before I reached a threshold.

This program allows the user to set thresholds and alert types (sound alert and message). It runs unobtrusively as a little box (which can be set to always float on top of windows) depicting a graph of current Internet activity.  There is a place to set your ISP restriction with a configurable alert included, the date of the month that you want the counter to start at when recording your data consumption, the data limit and there’s a meter showing you how much data you’ve used and how many days you have until top-up.  There is a stop watch that can be manually activated or set to run automatically on every startup, to visually show you in the box how much data you are currently using, rather than just seeing the second-by-second  upload and download rates.  BitMeter will continuously log your usage for years to come – if you let it.  You can view all this information by day/month/year.  It is set to automatically backup logs and settings data.  There is a section to set the network adapter that you wish to monitor.  This is particularly important, as you may think that you are using more data that you really are because you are looking at more than one lot of traffic. 
There is one catch, however, if you are accessing the Internet from an intranet (private network), and other users are also on that network, you will be recording all communication with those nodes as well.  So, even if you have just your NIC enabled, that will be connecting through the LAN (where other communication is occurring such as file transfers or just broadcasts) to the router and the Internet.  There is no way to filter traffic into zones. 
Apart from that, this is an excellent freeware product with many other features that runs even in Vista 64-bit.

The version of the software I used was: (Freeware), I believe the latest version offers a remote web interface for monitoring bandwidth.

Developer’s URL:

Here is a great free web site traffic booster:


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