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Introducing.. This Site!

This Site?!
Well, at the time of writing, the undecided name: Ether2Essentials (E2E). A place for those who have exciting and/or useful finds relating to Windows or the Internet or interesting items/topics (or even suggest new categories) for this site. I would like others to voice opinions on these items.

These will start out in the ‘Ether’ section, in their respective categories.
The Ether is where an item is in suspension as far as user rating goes. If I recognize this as a great item because its’ reputation precedes it, then it is placed in the Graduate section (when it gets my attention). Mainly I’d like others to give their independent feedback on the items in question, which should hopefully help graduate them. As far as the items under: Music, Images and General Discussion goes, they’ll mostly remain under their respective Ether categories on the basis that information with an abstract element to it is more debatable – though, this is open to exceptions. Clear winners will graduate.

At the time of writing, the categories are:

Ether: General Discussion
Ether: IDEA!
Ether: Interesting Info
Ether: Images
Ether: Music
– Alternative Rock
– Rock/Classic Rock
– Trance/Techno/DNB
– PC Game Music
Ether: Online Sites & Services
Ether: Software (Free or Paid)
– Tools
– PC Games

Graduate: IDEA!
Graduate: Interesting Info
Graduate: Online Sites & Services
Graduate: Software (Free or Paid)
– Tools
– PC Games

Why The Domain Name?!

Well, like most who try to justify a name because it sounds cool (to them), I’ll try….
..uh, well if there was a 24-hour eclipse, the world would cool down significantly -> So.. I guess that translates to: this site is trying to stay /cool/, too :p

This is a site catering for different flavours of information that could be deemed useful, but general discussion is encouraged, too! Hopefully, input from the myriad of web users out there will transform this place from a seldom travelled track into a kind of Via Apia of information.


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